Deception, Season 1

Deception, Season 1



From the co-creator of Chuck and the Blindspot creative team, Deception is a thrilling crime drama that combines FBI counter-espionage with the misunderstood world of magic and misdirection. Superstar magician Cameron Black grew up on the stage with his twin brother Jonathan. When his career is ruined by scandal, and his brother framed for murder, Black has only one place to turn to clear his brother’s name and practice his art of deception, illusion, and influence — the FBI. Together with his behind-the-scenes illusion team – producer Dina, eccentric engineer Gunter, and street magician Jordan Kwon – the super-charming Black will team up with FBI agents Kay Daniels, Mike Alvarez and Janet Deakins to become the world’s first consulting illusionist, helping the government solve crimes that defy explanation, and trap criminals and spies by using the timeless arts of magic, misdirection and deception.

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1 Pilot 43:05 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
2 Forced Perspective 43:04 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
3 Deception: Trailer 02:01 Free Buy on iTunes
4 On the Set 01:49 Season Only Buy on iTunes


  • Love it!!!

    By Agame47
    It’s amazing it reminds me a lot of that show Castle.
  • Deception

    By megh_k
    I'm really enjoying Deception. It's more crime caper than crime drama, and I appreciate the twist on the cop genre. Tonally, some moments remind me of CW gem Jane the Virgin—things are frothy so far, but there's also space to flesh out the emotional core. And the magic, an essential element, is a lot of fun to watch.
  • Love the show

    By Sethowens21
    I don’t know if it will.But I hope it gets a second season.I really like it.
  • Ta-Da!

    By Where is the latest episode?
    Great show good promise looks like we have the first magical police procedural show and boy is it good. The main characters magic team the FBI agents all the while trying to discover the malicious master of magic who framed his brother for murder. It's truly going to be a show for the ages.
  • Expected more

    By tomtom7
    Mediocrity all the way. Nowadays viewers have lots of choices. If you want a show which is like a procedural which you saw a hundred times: watch Deception. If you want more: the Good Fight is better in every way: top writing, acting, smart, sharp. Diane rules!
  • Magic!

    By asombre
    Best tv show that involves magic and crime and they mushed it together!