Madam Secretary, Season 4

Madam Secretary, Season 4

Madam Secretary


Season four of Madam Secretary finds Elizabeth (Téa Leoni) trying to achieve diplomacy despite many global enemies poised against her and new political rivals at home. Henry (Tim Daly) takes on a new role at the CIA, which sometimes puts him at cross-purposes with Elizabeth, both professionally and personally. Also this season, their daughters Stevie (Wallis Currie-Wood) continues with her internship in Russell Jackson's (Željko Ivanek) office and Alison (Kathrine Herzer) goes off to college, press secretary Daisy (Patina Miller) has a baby, and the president’s chief of staff Dmitri (Chris Petrovski) returns.

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  • Simply awful

    By greater app
    I was an avid fan of this show but this season the writing has become truly awful. The worst was the most recent show, where the minister of Sri Lanka is heavily influenced by an advisor who reads tea leaves? Laugh out loud ridiculous. The writing was once smart, funny and crisp, while the characters had depth. Now it’s shallow, uninformed and condescending. Last season for me.
  • Amazing!!

    By andylove22
    This show truly is effectively produced and helps you gain a better understanding of the trivial details of government.
  • Keeps getting better

    By bugfinder2
    Just watched season 4, episode 12 and was inspired. I've been a fan of Tea Leon since Family Man but I think she's in-the-zone...highly approve!
  • Great Series

    By SpiffyTiffyToo
    Enjoy watching this show and cast. Demitri was a great character this season. Hope they bring him back! Good storyline.
  • YASSS!!!!

    By brightrose
    Really good emotional outlet for liberals to cope with the Drumpf administration... kind of like West Wing did for us during W... GREAT cast, really good writing, everything about this show is so well done! And it’s informative and smart while still being entertaining and intriguing and fun! 😄❤️👌🏼
  • awesome

    By Stuckinbetween3
    this is one of the shws i really look forward to! I can watch it again and again and again...
  • slightly above average

    By jadr80
    what's up with all these dunces ranting about itunes in a space meant for critical reviews of actual content? anyway, madam secretary is continually endearing into it's 4th season. while not entirely believable, the combination of political and family dynamics is entertaining. i like the feminist edge this show has, especially among the male characters. men can be feminists, too. i do find leoni's zany portrayal of SecState to be lacking in gravitas, which translates to the aforementioned lack of believability.
  • Love it

    By Ilikeunow
    Great show!
  • Boring.

    By Truthful Consumer9
  • Don't buy a season pass

    By Zz911ergo
    This review is regarding iTunes. Madam Secretary is fantastic. iTunes here is episode 2?!?! Why did I waste my money on a season pass.