Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

By Rian Johnson


In Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the Skywalker saga continues as the heroes of The Force Awakens join the galactic legends in an epic adventure that unlocks new mysteries of the Force and shocking revelations of the past.

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  • Horrible

    By cabo97
    Disney's "new" direction of Star Wars is the worst garbage to be produced. I cannot believe the horrible story that tosses the original characters in this manner. All the characters are shallow and the storyline is disjointed using special effects to cover the lack of story and vision.
  • Garbage!

    By mrSpirit
    Absolute garbage!
  • Terrible

    By Philip4
    Flying Leia, jerk Luke, Jar Jar Rose, comedian Poe. Terrible just awful.
  • Postmodern Garbage

    By Animal1220
    If you care about any Star Wars movie before this one, then skip The Last Jedi. This time around, they decided to forego the classic hero’s journey storyline and, instead, push an extreme leftist social justice political agenda by tearing down everything fans cared about from the previous films - particularly the heroes. It’s postmodern deconstruction on full tilt. Oh, except, ironically, they’ll go to great lengths to demonize capitalism all the while pushing Last Jedi merchandise anywhere they can place it in the movie. Can anyone say Porg? Can anyone say hypocrites? I will concede that it is pretty to look at; however, the plot has more holes than Swiss cheese. This movie is the epitome of all flash and no substance. If all you care about is looking at “pretty”...then this movie is for you.
  • One of the worse they made

    By Aza-USA
    If you avoided spending $30 at the box office buy yourself some bitcoin instead of buying this movie...Luke milking that avatar like creature was the worst scene I have seen in my life. Seriously...bad bad stuff...
  • This movie has ruined Star Wars forever!

    By AK_Listener
    This was so poorly written! You’ll be amazed that Disney put so much money into something so horribly done. You cannot even tell if the actors are terrible or if the writing and directing were so so so bad that no one can act their way out of this! THE WORST Star Wars movie EVER made!!!! The critics have this a 90 out of 100 and users gave it a 48!! Hollywood critiqued itself and gave it a 90, while the rest of the world said, What in the world have you done! ONE OF THE WORST MOVIES EVER!
  • Disappointing

    By alex-ven
    It just didn’t have the same sense of wonder and excitement that was in the last one. This one is basically one long and boring chase scene.
  • Huge Disappointment!

    By Linux Sniper
    This SJW converged mess is a huge disappointment. It was similar to Empire Strikes Back in reverse. The casino scenes were like the cloud city, the mining scene at the end like Hoth. Is there no original thoughts in Hollywood anymore? There is nothing interesting in this movie. The characters are boring, the story non-existant and the acting borderline juvenile. I saw Star Wars in the theater as a kid 13 times. I wish I could unsee this mess of a film. Save your money and don't waste your time.
  • Makes Jar Jar Look Good

    By Dadof2Girls
    Worst Star Wars film of all times. Star Wars is broke. You can only drag this garbage out so far... and this garbage should be dragged to a curb far far away!
  • I’m in love

    By ThatWanker
    This movie is what happens when your heroes turn out to be not the greatest people and how they think they don’t deserve to be redeemed. Then walk away from it all to go and die in a small corner of the galaxy because of the mistakes they’ve done. Only to reignite the flames of rebels all over the galaxy. I’m in love with this movie. It makes bold moves to not grow old or boring. It’s a brilliant film that deserves our appreciation.